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Workshop 1

Workshops are FREE to attend for both Conference Delegates and Exhibition Only Visitors.
Please register your interest by ticking the workshop boxes on the online registration form
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TIME: 11.20
Out with the old, in with the new?
Has the time come to replace your legacy?


The challenge to deliver a stable of connected, intelligent channels is a task in itself, however this feat is made even more demanding by the constrains of existing, pre-historic legacy systems. These cumbersome heavy weights have been in play for so long and have become so deeply entwined into the very fabric of the business that to remove any block in the precarious stack would mean disaster.

Discuss the considerations required when deciding on new technology, including the ROI and the impact it has on your legacy systems.

How do you adopt the constant stream of new, desirable technologies into your organisation?

Discuss how to integrate new technology with legacy systems effectively and the process of implementation.

Explore the risks, time implications and costs in fully replacing your legacy systems.

Discover how to create an agile infrastructure that seamlessly connects the existing landscape, while having the flexibility to adapt, evolve and embrace future innovation.


Ed Bradley – Co-Founder / Director
Ed is a Director and Co-Founderof Virtualstock, the new generation technology company, that has spent ten years developing a completely new way in allowing data to flow between anynetwork of systems and platforms, delivering scalable, rapid, controlled management of all data – without ANY interference to existing systems.

Prior to founding Virtualstock in 2004, Ed enjoyed a successful career in global retail distribution, developing and implementing tactical initiatives within the Australian, Asia Pacific, North American and European markets.

Ed heads up the Commercial Division of Virtualstock and has overseen the strategic deployment of the cloud-based system within a number of large retail businesses and well-known brands. These include Tesco, Office Depot, Kiddicare, Wonderbra, Bear Grylls and Playtex.

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