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OneHydra provides online retailers with a better way to do SEO. Our innovative technology automates the discovery process of the keyword language your customers use, then it organises and maps it across your site and products. It then intelligently optimises your website structure and builds out ad campaigns, developing and enriching product feeds to turn them into profitable shopping campaigns.

By adapting content to ensure an optimised, engaging customer experience, demand-based strategies and merchandising are dramatically enhanced – typically yielding a 15%-25% lift in natural, non-brand search traffic, resulting in increased conversions and revenue growth.

OneHydra integrates directly into your ecommerce platform and analytics solution to automatically and continuously generate site-wide improvements, yet simultaneously providing complete control over your pages and keywords.


Customers that already trust OneHydra to drive their SEO performance include Currys, Debenhams, Nisbets, River Island and Superdry.

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