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E4X (from Cambridge Mercantile Group)


10th Floor
71 Fenchurch Street



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E4X’s cross border currency platform plugs into the eCommerce platforms, payments services, accounting and treasury systems of 123 major international retail brands.  These brands use E4X to expand cross border, pricing and selling products in many different currencies, whilst maintaining financial control, substantially reducing costs and eliminating currency risk. 

E4X customers sell in as many currencies as they wish, whilst continuing to operate their businesses in their core operating currency saving time, complexity and money.  Importantly, the cost of currency conversion through this process is typically reduced by 50% compared to  charges of bank acquirers and processors – a substantial and very quantifiable cost saving.

E4X customers reduce time to market for pricing and selling in new currencies down to an average of 6-weeks through the E4X SaaS platform.  E4X automates and links pricing decisions made by the eCommerce teams with the decisions on currency costs and risks made by the Finance and Treasury teams.

E4X is owned by Cambridge Mercantile Group, the second largest non-bank FX payments business, located in Toronto and employing 500 people.  At the IRX workshop, E4X would will explore the broader considerations to be factored into a business case as merchants plan out cross border eCommerce expansion investments.

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