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Stand 7 & Workshop

8 Duncannon Street



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Monetate generates billions of pounds of new revenue for businesses, helping them grow 39% faster than the industry average. Brands such as Boden, Helly Hansen, and QVC rely on Monetate to put the customer first, creating winningcustomer experiences that drive a sustained, competitive advantage.

The Monetate Acceleration Cloud connects two crucial elements that have always been treated separately within organisations:knowledge about the customer and marketing actions to deliver a better experience. Delight your customers with winning customerexperiences that build authentic relationships and drive new revenue across any channel, all within one seamless solution.

• Interact with your customers through winning website experiences that take place in the moment and across every page.

• Engage your customers with relevant email personalised at the time recipients actually open the message.

• Reach and attract the customers you love, and convert lost visitors, with intelligent display and retargeting campaigns.

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