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Who & Why

WHOWHYimage   Shoppers have gone from using their mobile phone to compare prices, to checking in and checking out with their own mobile POS. Showrooming has made it into every-day life and the Oxford English Dictionary. Retailers are enabling services for these always connected shoppers, bringing digital in store, personalising the engagement and gaining competitive advantage in the era of relationships.The 2014 Internet Retailing Conference takes the theme of Re-foundation: no more incrementing, tweaking and avoiding the wholesale changes needed in the industry. Retail needs to start afresh from the bottom. This conference will bring together learnings from those who have started again and benefited from it along with those willing to share the challenges with delegates wishing to remain in the leadership group. In the words of Neurath: we are like sailors who on the open seas must reconstruct their ship but are never able to start afresh from the bottom. Following the morning keynotes the Internet Retailing Conference will split into three, intense parallel streams to investigate, analyse and debate the learnings, innovations and trends supporting the focus of re-foundation and transformation.The streams reference the nautical theme Tide, Time, Place.

Who should attend?

Internet Retailing 2014 is for business people in retail. It is where the industry confers on the painful points of transformation with the key questions for all presentations being how hard was transformation, why did you do it, what have you learnt and how would you do it differently with hindsight

Speakers get down to the nitty gritty and share the pain points of transformation; the audience of 550 delegates is as knowledgeable as the speakers and everyone stays for the entire day. It is not full of speakers on the conference circuit nor is it a supplier, sales pitch led event.

Sign up for the Internet Retailing Conference on 14 October and join the board-level discussions with digitals leading retailers.


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